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An efficiency test of a boiler fired by fuel No. 2 indicated a flue gas temperature of 350°C and excess air of 35%. The annual fuel consumption of the boiler is 300,000 L/yr. The cost of fuel No. 2 is $0.60/L. (a) Estimate the efficiency of the boiler as well as the percent in CO 2 and O 2 in the flue gas. (b)

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Where no boilers exist in the proposed design, the standard reference building boilers shall be fossil fuel. The standard reference design boiler plant shall be modeled with a single boiler where the standard reference design plant load is 600,000 Btu/h or less and with two equally sized boilers for plant capacities exceeding 600,000 Btu/h.

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Commercial Wood Pellet/Biomass Pellet boilers . Product Description: DZL series chain grate quick biomass boiler is single drum longitudinal chain grate boilers. Suitable fuel can be shaped biomass fuel, coal or mixture of coal and biomass fuel. Economizer is equipped in the end. It is a highly efficient energy-saving product.

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Because of their significant intake of O2, these boilers require excessive use of fuel to counteract the intake –– without enough fuel the boiler is at risk to "blow out." AERCO's Solution The nine inefficient, gas-fired Hydrotherm atmospheric boilers were replaced with two natural gas-fired AERCO Modulex 1060 condensing boilers.

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