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28/07/2020 · The storage silo is 50 (cylindrical) + 15 meters (cone) high, with an internal diameter of 63 meters and a wall thickness of 0.35 meters. Each storage silo can hold 75,000 to 80,000 tons of biomass pellet fuel, and the plant can store up to 300,000 tons of fuel. Meet the fuel demand of 4 660MW biomass generating units for about 12 days.

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Drax Power Plant Operation 4: Biomass Fuel - Xinli Boiler

17/09/2020 · Oxygen: BMF material has high oxygen content (about 35-40%). The oxygen content of biomass significantly exceeds that of mineral coal, which facilitates the ignition of biomass. Sulfur: The sulfur content in the BMF material is lower, and the environmental protection characteristics are good.

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On October 17, 2017, the evaluation team, Professor Jiang Li, engineer Zhou Hongfei, and Luo Zhengyi arrived at Yixian Industrial Park in Zhongshan City to conduct an on-site evaluation of the energy consumption and energy saving of the 6-ton biomass chain boiler of Zhongshan Yihao Energy Co., Ltd.

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Fuel characteristics of biomass boiler - FAQ - XinLi Boiler

Kaifeng Xinli Boiler Equipment specializes in various types of industrial boilers, cfb boiler, biomass boiler, oil gas boiler, waste heat recovery boiler etc. Xinli boiler is good at medium and small sized fluidized bed boiler with more than 6 tons, which could meet the heat demand of different industries. Private Industrial Park

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