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Process integration of chemical looping combustion with

01/10/2020 · Topology of the biomass-fired ORC CHP block in Krosno is depicted in Fig. 4.The ORC unit was sized for the base heating load of the district heating network under assumption that its annual availability should be higher than 92% (8059 operating hours), and the HOB subsystem will be switched off for summer period [].The rated thermal output of the condenser is Q ˙ T 14, n o m = 5341 k W and

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01/11/2020 · The heat transfer model of other boiler surfaces as well as the condensing heat exchangers of the steam cycle (DH condensers, the vacuum condenser and the two high-pressure feed heaters) is based on design-point performances varied at part load according to the correlations presented by Saari et al. and Partridge . For the CLOU plant, a simple cross-flow one-pass LUVO component was added

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Optimisation of biomass-fired cogeneration plants using

01/03/2000 · Biomass, with a particle size of about 5 mm, is metered into the system, where it is entrained and mixed with the recycle stream. The biomass particles, entrained in the carrier gas, enter the vortex reactor tangentially at speeds of up to 400 m/s so that the particles are forced to the reactor wall by high centrifugal forces.

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Boilers 82bar, 525 C and 260– 280ton h−1 (th−1)steam, 2unitssingleuegastype. 4 out 10 used. 340th−1 steam.31bar,400 C 6 boilers, 31bar, 400 C, 371th−1 Turboalternators 11kV, 5305rpm, 2 units each35:6MWe, Condens-ingextractionturbines,mul-tistage. 5back-pressure,1condens-ing 4 back-pressure and 2 con-densing Installedcapacity 70MWe

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